BlitzWolf BW-AH2 Smartwatch (black)

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Smartwatch BlitzWolf BW-AH2 The BlitzWolf BW-AH2 smartwatch is equipped with a large 1.57″ TFT display and features IP68 water resistance. It will notify you of incoming calls and notifications, and allows you to choose from 8 sports modes. It also offers several features to help you take care of your health, such as heart rate and sleep monitoring. Lightweight, comfortable and elegant - it can make a great addition to any style. Large TFT HD display The smartwatch's touchscreen display not only makes it convenient to use, but also looks great. The TFT HD 200x320 px screen with a diagonal of 1.57″ provides a clear, readable image even in the sunlight, so you can also use it comfortably outdoors. It is also possible to change the appearance of the watch face. Choose from the available designs or create your own! Stylish, comfortable, waterproof The BW-AH2 smartwatch looks great - it will be a perfect complement to almost any style. It is also extremely lightweight and comfortable - it fits perfectly on the wrist. Its strap is made of silicone that is pleasant to the touch and skin-friendly. The device is also IP68 waterproof - you don't have to take it off when it's raining, washing dishes or exercising. It's not intimidated by drops of water or sweat! It will help you take care of your health With BW-AH2 you can get to know your body better and take care of your health. The smartwatch offers a sleep monitoring function and analyzes its quality. This gives you a chance to eliminate possible bad habits! The device can also act as a menstrual calendar. What's more, the built-in optical sensor and advanced algorithms allow precise measurement of heart rate and blood pressure. 8 sports modes Do you want to take care of your fitness? Or do you care about achieving better and better results in your favorite sport? The BW-AH2 smartwatch will come in handy for that too! The device collects workout data, so you can keep track of your progress and set your next goals to achieve. There are up to 8 sports modes such as running, biking, skipping, swimming and badminton, for example. Always within reach Have you ever missed an important message or phone call? With BW-AH2 you are not in danger of that! Once you pair the smartwatch with your smartphone, you'll be instantly notified of incoming notifications and calls. The device is compatible with most popular apps such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, WhatsApp and Skype, for example. Additional features The possibilities don't end there. The BW-AH2 smartwatch offers several more features. For example, it allows you to remotely control your smartphone's music player and camera. Now you can easily switch a song or take a photo without having to reach for your phone! The device also displays the current weather, and when you sit in one position for too long, it reminds you to move. Durable battery Use the smartwatch at work, on a workout, or even during a multi-day trip without worry. The device will not discharge too quickly! BW-AH2 is equipped with a durable 200 mAh battery. Thanks to this, its working time reaches 3-4 days on a single charge. What's more, in standby mode the smartwatch can operate for up to 8-10 days. Included Smartwatch Charging cable User manual Specifications Manufacturer BlitzWolf Model BW-AH2 Color Black Display 1,57″ Display type TFT Resolution 200x320 px Battery capacity 200 mAh Working time About 3-4 days Working time in standby mode Approximately 8-10 days Charging time Approx. 2 h Charging method Magnetic charging Chip RTL8762CK Bluetooth version 5.0 Compatible operating systems Android 5.0 or later, iOS 11.0 or later Memory RAM 160 KB + ROM 64 MB Waterproof IP68 Strap material Silicone Strap width 19 mm Strap length 87 mm + 116 mm Dimensions of the watch Approximately 45 x 29 x 9 mm Weight Approx. 42.5 g App Fit Cloud Pro Available languages Chinese, English, Japanese, German, Russian, Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese, Polish, Arabic table{border-spacing:0}.table-wrapper>table>tbody>tr>td,.table-wrapper>table>tbody>tr>th{padding:10px 35px;text-align:left}.table-wrapper>table>tbody>tr>th{vertical-align:top}.table-wrapper>table>tbody>tr:nth-child(even){background-color:#f7f7f7} -->